Resources for Sellers

Thinking of listing your property in Haliburton, Muskoka or The Kawartha’s? Why choose us?

Choosing the right real estate agent to sell your property is the most important decision you will make in the selling process!

Most real estate agents will offer you a host of services that are essential for preparing a home for sale.  How these services are planned and then executed can make a huge difference not only in your satisfaction but in the final price you are able to get for your property.

There are many components to successfully selling a property. Below are what we believe are the most crucial and must be handled with utmost care.

Pricing Your Property

Pricing in Cottage Country is not an easy exercise. No two properties are the same and there are many factors that must be taken into consideration to ensure you will get the maximum amount for your property. This is one of your biggest investments! We understand that and are not interested in making a quick sale.

Property Preparation, Staging, and Maintenance

Staging is just not for the city. In Cottage Country you have to take into consideration not just the home but the property. Our team will provide recommendations on how to get everything ready for Buyers without going overboard. Small things like decluttering a home and cleaning up brush and leaves can make a big difference.

Sales and Marketing

Our comprehensive marketing plan includes print, online, social media, and event marketing in addition to broadcast television via the Cottage Life Network! We do not just put your listing on MLS and wait for the phone to ring.

In partnership with head office, we ensure that your property is marketed to a vast audience by utilizing all the tools we have at our disposal. We have tested many different marketing tactics over the years and know what works and what does not work.

Client Communication

We believe that an integral part of the real estate process is strong client communication. We will keep you updated on regular basis on showing requests, feedback, and all the marketing we are doing to sell you property.

We will also provide you an in-depth market report on a regular basis to keep you informed on the market and determine if your property has remained competitive against the competition.


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